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Are you familiar with dangerous food avoidance and the effect on your smile? It is very easy to accidentally bite into something too hard and suffer multiple lost teeth in an instant, not to mention the effects a poor diet can have in the long term on your precious pearly whites.

Any foods that are difficult to chew or hard to bite can fracture or crack your teeth if you are not wary. This includes snacks such as corn on the cob, popcorn kernels, and tough meals such as well-cooked steak. Also, be on the lookout for acidic foods capable of chewing through your tooth enamel, including products such as tomatoes and citrus fruits.

One of the biggest offenders to optimum oral health is sugary foods and drinks, especially candy. Candy can come in several types that can damage your teeth and gums. Sticky and chewy candy can stick to your mouth and teeth long after consuming them and continue to wear down your tooth enamel. Hard candy can be hard to bite through and can easily chip or crack your teeth. Sour candy specifically has a very low pH level and can be extremely acidic. Enhancing your oral health includes limiting the number of sugary substances in your diet.

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