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Although brushing and flossing your teeth is a vital habit that should be implemented daily into every oral healthcare routine, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your only habits to combat tooth decay and gum disease. Even chewing sugarless gum has been noted to have potential benefits for your smile.

The reason chewing sugarless gum provides oral health benefits is because of the processes it initiates. When you chew sugarless gum after meals, it stimulates your mouth to produce excessive amounts of saliva. Saliva has many oral health benefits as it can wash away food debris and harmful bacteria and has acid-neutralizing properties that can lessen the damage to your tooth enamel.

Studies have shown that sugarless gum can even prevent heartburn, which causes harmful acids to travel up the esophagus and into the mouth. These acids can easily eat away at your precious tooth enamel. Although chewing gum has many of the same benefits of sugarless gum, the addition of sugar presents new risks for your teeth and cancels out any potential benefits it can produce.

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