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If you need to renew your breath, you are not the only one. Thousands of people suffer from bad breath that can be treated with mouthwash. Wassif Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Middle River, Maryland is absolutely dedicated to your oral health care. That is why we are happy to talk to you about the different options to mouthwash to help keep your smile clean and fresh.

When it comes to mouthwash, there are several options. But which one is best? The key to answering this question is knowing that there are two kinds of mouthwash: therapeutic and cosmetic.

Therapeutic mouthwashes have special ingredients that kill bacteria and reduce plaque, gum disease, cavities, and halitosis. They also contain fluoride, which helps decrease and avert tooth decay. Cosmetic mouthwashes are designed only to reduce bad breath. They usually have an improved taste, but are not capable of fighting off cavities or gum disease.

Now that you know this difference, you can figure out which mouthwash is right for your unique needs. If you still have bad breath or cavities, just call 410-687-1162 to make an appointment with Dr. Cindy Wassif. Our outgoing and gifted staff is always pleased to take your call and help you with whatever you need.