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Improving your smile includes being aware of all aspects of your oral health that may need work. If for any reason you are struggling with your toothbrushing techniques, you may need to alter your habits so that you can effectively make sure that your toothbrush care is working accordingly. By brushing your teeth at least twice a day, you can drastically improve your smile by limiting bad habits that can not only damage your toothbrush but also put your teeth and gums at risk and make cleaning them much more difficult.

Make sure that when you’re brushing your smile, you are using routines that are safe and effective for use. Never brush too hard and never brush with utensils that are not designed for the tasks at hand. Furthermore, make sure nobody else ever uses your toothbrush and never store your toothbrush in an area where potential damage can arise. Ideally, you should store your toothbrush in an aired-out location that is free of other toothbrushes.

Standard toothbrushes wear down every three to four months. Make sure that if your toothbrush is ever dirty or contaminated or has begun to show signs of wear, that it is replaced immediately. For help selecting the toothbrush that will best work for you, speak with your dentist for product recommendations and suggestions. For additional help with taking care of your smile, visit your dentist for a professional cleaning treatment every six months.

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