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Root canals are oral health care procedures designed to protect your teeth by removing damaged pulp. If the pulp becomes diseased or infected, it must be taken out and the tooth must be sealed, otherwise, the entire tooth would need to be extracted.


The pulp is the delicate area within a tooth that contains the life force of the tooth, including nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. Usually, root canals are required when a cavity has broken through the tooth’s enamel layer and allowed bacteria to enter, thus corrupting the pulp. If the damage to the enamel is not stopped in time by a dental filling, root canals will be needed to take out the damaged pulp.


Pulp damage can also arise due to physical trauma to a tooth. Even microscopic cracks in teeth that are unseen by the naked eye can arise and give way to bacteria, which will seep into a tooth and damage it. With root canals, the bacteria and decay are eradicated, and the tooth is sealed up to protect it from future harm.


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