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Have you heard about dental bridges? They are artificial teeth that replace real ones when they decide to move to a new location, which is not in your mouth. Usually, bridges use surrounding teeth for support, so they can stay in place. A dental bridge can offer benefits other than just replacing a tooth. They can help you speak more clearly, eat normally and prevent your surrounding teeth from moving out of position.

Losing just one tooth has a greater impact than we might think. Our teeth contribute to our speech as well as our ability to eat. With just one tooth gone, these things can become a little more difficult.

On top of that, a missing tooth can affect surrounding teeth. Those teeth can loosen a bit, not meaning they will fall out, but they can shift from their proper position. This can further impact how you speak and chew, making both more difficult.

Fortunately, you do not need to live with these problems. A bridge can be the answer. By replacing the missing tooth, it can help you eat and speak with greater ease. It can also keep your nearby teeth from getting lazy and moving to a position that is not helpful for you.

If you have some teeth missing and you would like to try a dental bridge to replace them, we can help you here at Wassif Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Middle River, Maryland. Our dentist, Dr. Cindy Wassif, can give you further guidance on the matter. In order to set up an appointment, please call us at 410-687-1162.