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Significant dental stains can develop on your teeth over time. This is often associated with the frequent consumption of dark beverages or the use of tobacco products. Certain foods like chocolate, dark berries and tomato sauces can contribute to dental stains.

If retail whitening products aren’t helping, you should make an appointment our dentist, Dr. Cindy Wassif for professional tooth whitening treatment in Middle River, Maryland. After your appointment, you might want to try cutting back on dark foods and quitting tobacco if you smoke or use other tobacco products. Tobacco itself will turn your teeth brown and nicotine can stain them yellow. It might also help to occasionally brush your teeth with a quality brand of whitening toothpaste. You should make sure that any whitening toothpaste you use has been approved by the American Dental Association. The ADA’s logo can only be printed on products that have been researched, tested and certified as safe and effective. You might talk to the dentist about using an at-home whitening treatment.

If you live in the Middle River, Maryland, area and you have significant dental stains on your teeth, you should call 410-687-1162 to schedule a dental bleaching treatment at Wassif Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Our experienced dental team is here to help you maintain your beautiful smile all year round!